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Hello from Kayak Bass Anglers of Maine

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself and Show Off Your Kayak' started by Kayak Bass Anglers of ME, Jan 17, 2018.


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  1. Kayak Bass Anglers of ME

    Kayak Bass Anglers of ME New Member

    Jan 2, 2018
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    Happy New Year! My name is Heather and together with my husband, Christian, we founded Kayak Bass Anglers of Maine (KBAM) in 2017. We are a kayak bass fishing club that uses CPR (catch-photo-release) for tournament scoring. We schedule, promote and conduct kayak bass tournaments in the state of Maine, encouraging conservation, safety and sportsmanship while growing the sport of kayak bass fishing.

    Overall in 2017, we were able to complete 7 of the 9 scheduled events in our first season. These events were held as traditional, in person events and online though TourneyX. Two events scheduled on local river systems were canceled due to unsafe flood water conditions early in the season. We increased participation from our first to our last event, drawing anglers from all over the state who are excited to compete in the sport of kayak bass fishing.

    With the increased activity in the sport and our club over the past year, we hope to continue to grow our membership base and promote kayak bass fishing while exploring the beautiful waters of Maine.

    Look for us on Facebook, Kayak Bass Anglers of Maine. Also on Instagram and Twitter.

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