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Stop #6 on the HardCore Kayak Anglers Club trail

Discussion in 'YakAttack Supported Events' started by mrpj1972, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. mrpj1972

    mrpj1972 New Member

    Jan 1, 2013
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    Brandon, FL.
    Here is the last stop on our trail. I will provide another thread with our series finale standings.
    Complete Event 6 Results
    Series Championship Anglers = Black Font

    Here's a few stats...
    Anglers that signed-up: 31
    Tokens submitted for review: 30
    Total fish checked-in: 61 (YTD 321)
    Slams checked-in: 13 (YTD 50)
    Snook checked-in: 24 (YTD 127)
    Reds checked-in: 14 (YTD 71)
    Trout checked-in: 23 (YTD 123)
    Total Cash Payouts Today: $620 (YTD $4,240)
    Anglers that have not missed an event: 16
    Disqualified Anglers: None

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